🌳sday evening

Evening all!

Have I missed the evening thread?

I had lemon roasted sardines and sweet potatoes for tea. It’s a great meal.

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It’s Porch Wine night with my neighbour. She’s not showed up yet though and I’m absolutely freezing. Not sure this low alcohol freezing cold white “wine” is going to do the trick.

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Hello :wave:

@keith your dinner sounds delicious. I had burrito to use up the chilli from yesterday. I’m currently watching Springwatch :bird: :deer: :bug:

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Got some sort of piano plinky stuff on the telly.

Had oven chips and a chickenless chicken burger for tea.

Quite tired, might go and read my book soon.

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I had some chicken & veg & rice for tea. It was alright. Had a nice dog walk beforehand.

Just now poured myself a glass of red wine and (re) watching Parks & Recs. Pretty tired so might go to bed early.


Tired out after a long ol’ week, and my planned day of nothing tomorrow now involves going to meet some brewers as part of the recruitment process for the job I really want. Had scampi, calamari and chips for tea followed by a Sainsbury’s rhubarb & custard sundae which was nice. Just about to open cider #3.


I love the idea of you and your neighbour sitting out on the stoop brown-bagging it, only your wine is the 0.4% fruit juice.

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Jacket Potatoes for dinner here

The rest of the evening I’m test running a new mix I’m throwing together just in time for the long weekend

Is this the quietest evening thread ever?

I left my dinner in the other thread but here it is in reprise

I was so happy I left a ridiculous tip, nevermind, it is payday after all

Then I watched BBC4 …for an hour (Yes, Minister & To the Manor Born) …brain numbing

The evening looks like this right now (or it did 10 mins ago)

Can’t decide whether to do a bit of music in the laptop or just go to bed

There’s also a shitload of booze in this flat. So far I haven’t touched a drop but I might go a cheeky G&T or something


Anxiety quite bad today. Woke up thinking about that man who got stuck in a papier mache dinosaur sculpture and died and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now worrying in advance about what vaccine side effects my boyfriend will get after his jab today (he’s fine so far but I’m not good with poorly people!)


Had salmon, rice, baby corns and mange touts for dinner. Healthy and tasty.

Been trying to keep the dog entertained since then - Not much else to report really. Bought myself a bottle of Westons Vintage earlier but that’ll live to be drunk another day now.

I’m not taking the blame if you lot aren’t joining in.

Hey, here I am, making posts!

I can’t be accused of not joining in! :slight_smile:

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I’ve had some vegan birds eye dippers for dinner, they were bland but I sprinkled on some ground salt, chili and pepper and had some ketchup with it too. Have a tasty snack of strawbs and chamomile tea now, which I leave until its lukewarm and chug it like water which sounds disgusting but its really nice, very comforting.

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This will be one of those threads that is deathly quiet until I go to bed and then the nocturnal crew will start posting tunes and naming places in Hampshire and I’ll wake up to 300 unread posts.


I do like a camomile tea.

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I’ve been buying loads of tea lately, I went to a Turkish grocery and it was amazing, a massive tea section. I spent loads of time joyfully choosing some tea and settled for green tea with rose (had to limit myself to 1 because I have loads of tea already). Signed up to whittards loyalty scheme and got some free tea too, there’s a garden one made of flowers that I’m excited to try and am saving for a summer evening in the garden :star_struck:


Hopefully you won’t have to wait long - I saw a forecast that said twenty degrees at the weekend


Can’t wait, it feels like November rn