SE London Pub Recos' Please. *Good Outdoor Space A Must*

For my birthday in July so hopefully it’ll be warm.

I don’t live in London but will be staying the weekend and my hotel will be right next to Blackheath.

As I’ve friends/family coming in from Waterloo, Dulwich and Streatham areas i ideally want somewhere that’s not too much of a pain for them to travel – obvs won’t be possible to please all but just a thought that anywhere hard to find or access might require some prior-warning if it’s secluded.

Needs to be somewhere that does food or if not lets you bring in take-away food (admittedly rate, I know)

Also handy if I can reserve space hence asking now to try and get ahead.

I would recommend the Half Moon in Herne Hill - big garden, lovely pub, good food, and reasonably easy for all of your friends’ locations.


Blythe Hill Tavern

Prince of Peckham


The Wood House in Dulwich has a great garden but maybe not that accessible from those not already in Dulwich

Another vote here for the Half Moon though, was there last weekend and thought it was great

Cheers, had tried Half Moon but no availability to book alas.

Could turn up on the day but expect it would be mad busy if it’s warm.

I had thought of Princess Of Wales in Blackheath actually.

The Fat Walrus (New X)
The Talbot (Brockley)
The Rose (NX)

I’ve been to good birthday parties and events at the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham. It has a huge outdoor space and does food. Very easy to get to from Blackheath (walking distance), Waterloo, and Dulwich (P4 bus) though would be a pain from Streatham.

:zzz: :hole: :-1:please keep any negativity about Lewisham to yourselves :zipper_mouth_face: :tornado::put_litter_in_its_place:


didn’t know where this was but assumed it must be really close to me, seems like it’s been closed as new owners have taken over but i’m very keen to check it out when it opens this month!

Same owners, just a gigantic refurb I believe. Can’t wait to go back when they open again!

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In addition to some already mentioned (The Rose, Fox & Firkin, The Talbot), New Cross House has a good beer garden…

Also, technically just over the border into SW London but the beer garden at The Duke Of Edinburgh is very good and convenient for the areas of London you mention…


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The Faber Fox in Crystal Palace (SE19) has a small-medium but very pleasant outdoor area, great views. They also have Brixton Brewery’s Low Voltage on draught which is lovely.

The Railway in Tulse Hill (SE27) has a bigger garden and would be pretty easy to get to. Right next to the station too funnily enough.

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I agree with both of these. The Walter Briggs next door to the Fabre Fox have a small outdoor space too.

I went to the Railway for the first time before a Palace game this season, lovely pub.

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Ticket to north london

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Cheers everyone, this is all really good food for thought. I want to visit them all!

Also possibly will involve going for a meal somewhere so any good Italian or Thai restaurant reco’s welcome. Or something different maybe…


You could go to Chicha for the most incredible Peruvian food if you end up at the talbot as it’s just down the road

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Fox and Firkin has a massive outdoor garden

Blythe Hill Tavern is the best pub ever and lets you bring in takeaways


Oh interesting! is it near any good takeaways though? Or ones that will deliver to the pub? Good intel, thank you :slight_smile:

Another vote for Blythe Hill Tavern it’s brilliant

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Pide in Catford is excellent

Loads of excellent places will deliver - I live round the corner and my favourites are Everest Curry King, Tai Kitchen, Coqfighter, Saka Maka.

On a Thursday and Friday sometimes there’s a pizza.van outside too called Van Dough

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