SE London Pub Recos' Please. *Good Outdoor Space A Must*

also a good venue who treat bands well


aye it’s a bit of an institution :heart:

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Magic Garden in Battersea is also amazing with a huge garden, can get there from Waterloo easily enough

The choir I am in sang there recently and I had a lovely time

what choir is that?

It’s just a baby-friendly choir called Vocalise. We’re singing Erasure this term. So fucking good

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aah cool, my old bandmate runs a choir in Brockley but not that one!

another vote for Duke of Edinburgh in Brixton

Cheers everyone.

After all that I think it’ll The Cutty Sark pub in Greenwich but will keep the above reco’s on file as all very handy to know given I’m in this corner of London a fair bit.

Blythe Hill Tavern does look great so am keen to visit.

D of E in Brixton is great too, been there before some years ago.