Sea Change Festival

Anyone heading down to Devon for this in a couple weeks?

Very diverse line-up and great value considering it’s only £55 for both days. Apparently the town is lovely too.

Most looking forward to Jambinai, Ryley Walker, Daniel Brandt, W.H. Lung, Grumbling Fur, Sex Swing and Rats On Rafts.

Yeah, I’m going. Line up looks great, pretty much more excited by this that End of the Road which I’m going to the week after.

That’s a cracking lineup, so much good stuff on.

that does look pretty good. I’m going to be having fun tick tocking at something a little more local to me though.

Looks good, wrong end of the country for me but it did make this song pop into my head;

Yep I’m going to this. The Saturday lineup is particularly good. Gutted I can’t make it down for Gold Panda on the Thursday though.

Anyone go last year? Were there big queues to get into the venues?

I live in Torquay and I will most certainly be there.

Most looking forward to: Laura Barton, Julie Byrne, Laura Snapes

I’ve got a ticket for this. The line-up is ace, and I get to check out part of the country I haven’t been to in years.

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I went to this last year - it was great, especially the gigs in the Church. The only queue was for British Sea Power in the Civic Hall. The Civic hall takes about 500 people and gets very hot, but the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. Beer in the Barrel house is good.

Going to the the Gold Panda show on the Thursday so this and EOTR will give me seven nights to look forward to this month.

Set times are out!

I made my own clashfinder as I’m finding the official one a bit hard to read:

Saturday night in Unit 23 (Rats On Rafts up to Jane Weaver) is going to be stonking.


Verdicts on this? I thought it was excellent. Hope it doesn’t become a victim of its own success as some of the venues were creaking and doesn’t really have more scope for capacity. The church, in particular, was a lovely venue.

Aldous Harding was a massive highlight (possibly gig of the year so far for me) although the 70 minute queue to get in put a bit of a downer on the evening. Hey collosus (including a guest stage invasion from big Jeff) and trembling bells the best of the rest.

Yeah this was a really, really good festival. I also saw Aldous Harding and she was excellent. Her presence on stage was huge. Definitely felt like she could be destined for big things.

The Barrel House venue was unfortunately too small, absolutely rammed and hotter than the sun though. Which was a shame because it put me off going back the following night for The Proper Ornaments. I did watch Girl Ray in the afternoon in there though and that was great fun.

The church was a great space and the lineup in there was really strong. Nadia Reid was a highlight for me.

We camped and that worked out well. Loads of space, everyone was pleasant. It was a nice scenic walk through woods and along the river to the town. I’d not been to Totnes before but we really enjoyed it. Loads of independent restaurants with reasonably priced food.

Definitely worth keeping an eye out for if they do it again next year.