Sea Power

Is anyone interested in the new album? I really liked their first two albums then kind of stopped keeping up with what they did. I do like their latest song though.

I’m interested! Thinking of going to see them in - wait for it - Edinburgh!

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Yeah, I loved the first 3 albums but just stopped keeping tabs after that much like yourself. I like the single that’s getting played, reckon I’ll check out the album. They’re a great band.

I was totally obsessed with their first album. It was the first time in years I felt we had a new Joy Division/Smiths on our hands. They’ve never come close to it since.

I like them so much I was quoted in the liner notes on the Sea of Brass album!

I mean, granted, they spelled my name wrong and got my publication wrong but still. They were my words!


I bought tickets to their Leeds gig in April but then booked a holiday without thinking about the dates :frowning: still haven’t managed to catch them live because other stuff keeps getting in the way.

In unrelated news, anyone want two British Sea Power tickets?

Yeah they still put out some decent stuff even if they’re past their best now. Valhalla Dancehall was a bit of a hit and miss mess but Machineries was quite a nice little record and the new track sounds decent.

Yeah maybe, when is it?

7th April at Church in Leeds (new venue near Leeds uni, in a former church)

OK. I’ll get back to you on that. But if you find a buyer before I get back to you, please give your tickets to them. Like I say, I’m looking at Edinburgh.

never listened to them due to the dullness of their name. sell em to me in one song please somebody

I’ll try, but first can you give me a short list of bands you like?

Jasper Carrott
Smashing Pumpkins
Tangerine Dream
The Electric Prunes


For what it’s worth, try this.

It’s 14 minutes long, but if you like Tangerine Dream that won’t be a problem:


not a fan of blancmange, bread or marmalade?


Im interested. Will give the other guy first dibs though.

Oh I assumed it was trinity church in the centre.

Nah it’s that church where Get Baked is

Nono, give @unlucky first dibs!

Hmm not familiar with that. Will double check my mate hasn’t already bought tickets.