Sea Power

looks great, plenty of stuff in there i’ve never tried with the bsides too

Snap with the one on the left

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Ooh, Sea Power performance in Brighton as part of the festival!

That saves me trying to fit one of the London shows into the chaos that is my current week :+1:

(for shame, 2009-2012 me would have been doing London x 2, Brighton in May, and probably Tunbridge Wells last week too)


Good morning


I can’t go to Islington this evening, sadly as I’m full of cold so I have put my ticket on the DICE waitlist.

I expect it might not sell now so please DM me if interested. Happy to sell for less than face value to save it being wasted.

:rotating_light: Listening club alert :rotating_light:

For those interested, I have started a new thread over here: 🐻 🦆 DiS Together Today - It’s the (British) Sea Power Listening Club 🦋🔫

…for the listening club. Come join me so it’s not just 9 weeks of me talking to myself!


Is it possible to buy the decline of British Sea Power vinyl brand new anywhere?
It was the 20 year anniversary last year. Did they announce a reissue??

There was a pretty comprehensive reissuing a few different ways but that was around 2015 so I guess you don’t mean all that, the LP alone is on their website and pretty averagely priced as far as vinyl these days go so I presume you can still get it elsewhere

Ooh just saw this don’t think it’s been mentioned? This is the last era I think where they haven’t previously released all the demo’s and offcuts for

Not up on Bandcamp yet as far as i can see but I imagine will be

I remembered this comment and maybe you’re in luck? A few “Montreal” versions of album tracks on there


Had the CD arrive through the door today. Looking forward to a listen later.

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Oh cool, I’m going to have to order one I think

Good of them to line this release up with the DiS Sea Power listening club eh?

Quite excited to dig into this! Good to see Lucky Bicycle and Shit Factory versions on there


Thanks. I only started collecting vinyl during the pandemic so missed out on all that. Didn’t realize you could get the standard vinyl on their website. Couldn’t find it anywhere else!

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Mug jealously got the better of me and I went on eBay…


Would anyone care to do a little top 10 of Sea Power’s best songs?

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In no order, but very heavy on the first 3 albums as I don’t know much past that

Fear of Drowning (Top 10 of all time song for me, probably)
Machineries of Joy
It Ended on an Oily Stage
True Adventures
Something Wicked
No Lucifer
The Great Skua
The Smallest Church in Sussex
The Spirit of St Louis


I will have a go at this at some point


v hard but here’s my go - tried to make it as career-spanning as possible

fear of drowning
true adventures
no lucifer
a light above descending
open the door
lakeland echo
the great skua/no man is an archipelago (prefer the version on Man of Aran)


Very fond of the Fort Rox poster, that gig holds some special memories.
The beer was decent as well from what I remember.
The gigs always felt they had a family spirit to them somehow.
The bear, the foliage, the air raid siren, gave them something that seemed different to other guitar bands at the time.
Stuck with them up to Valhalla Dancefloor. Didn’t get anything out of Machineries of Joy, nor the next two. Need to revisit Everything Was Forever. And get stuck into the listening club!


A Sea Power what’s their best song vote would be amazing @Funkhouser