Nice, isn’t it. Apart from salmon (unsmoked), got no time for that. Prawns, lobster, crab, cod, plaice, lemon sole, monkfish, scallops, squid, smoked salmon, smoked haddock, though, all delicious.


I’m the kind of guy who loves a crab risotto



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I like fish that doesn’t taste like fish. And salmon.

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I’ve never in my life eaten a risotto.

It’s just wet rice

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Not really into the idea tbh.

I’m on a no seafood diet.

I don’t eat seafood.

Its not really diet, actually.


Mrs F is like that. Likes the meatier fish like monkfish or scallops but also loves lobster.

Seafood is the best, love a big bucket of mussels from a good independant pub down in a little fishing town, you can’t beat it.


Big mussel fan too. 10/10.


interesting fact, and i use the term interesting quite wrongly, i often have seafood for starter but never for main


Lends itself to starters better imo, slightly more delicate yet distinctive flavours, might be a bit much over the course of a main but nice as a little taster.

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I don’t eat any that is served looking similar to the way it does when it’s alive.

never really ate good seafood as a youngun and was veggie for like 15 years since being a teenager so it’s been a bit of a revelation the last couple of years. had some bad shellfish once though and was ill af for days so don’t think i can ever go there again, mussels, etc. :nauseated_face: but bang into salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout. so good. :fish:

I see seafood, and I eat it!

(twice to three times a year when I break vegetarianism)


Most seafood frightens me, even when I was a meat eater. All those eyes and legs and suckers and byssus threads

Cw: animal pain

the way seafood is prepared is horrible, like lobsters thrown into hot pans, there’s a good video about a lobster that gets rescued from a fishmonger and kept in a tank and the little guy has no mobility in his tied up pincers but slowly recovers and fixes his tank up by moving stuff around and it’s so adorable. They all feel pain, mussels too even tho they look like rocks and not that any animal slaughter is humane but sea animals are treated pretty badly :frowning:


I loved seafood then I developed an allergy and missed out on it for a long time. Then i was ok again one day but was actually a good vegan and didn’t eat it for a few more years.

Now? Now I am a woman of loose morals and can not kick my fish habit no matter how hard I try (I have not really tried tbf but I will)

Just bought a salmon sandwich because of this thread (and because the m&s in town has stripped even more of its vegan sandwiches out and I had a choice of two)

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I’ll have the seafood starter
Monkfish seafood starter

(To the tune of Firestarter)