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  • Would eat one for £500

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can I cook it?

yes he can!

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Can’t believe two people would eat a seagull for £500, bit weird.

If you cooked it up and took it down a hipster market you could probably find people willing to pay you to eat it.

can’t believe you didn’t make this multiple choice wtf

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tried to catch one once but it ran so far away

It seems the £500 might have to go towards paying up to £5000 for killing one in the first place.

There’s one seagull where I live that is obviously fed by one of the flats as it is constantly stood outside their window on the flat roof with its face pressed right up against the kitchen window, for hours, pretty much every day. Need to take a pic as cracks me up, but will look like I’m taking a perv pic through someones window

I’m sick of these pricks. There’s a whole gang of them who seem to have nested in the roof of the building I work in, and they’re constantly flying around, making loads of noise and shitting everywhere. Arseholes!


I feel the same about foxes. Imagine being a fox and living out in the countryside sneaking into farms for your chicken, huge potential of getting shot.

Just move to Hackney and eat it fried out of a bin at 5am in the morning before banging a load of your foxy pals in an overgrown garden. Pretty jealous that they’ve got a better social life than me.


Seagulls is an anagram for Ule Slags. Coincidence?

Seagulls do not exist.


Fucking gulls of partick man, what a fuckin racket they make. Convinced they’ve got little mics and amps attached to them

They shit all over the side of my car - ON THE FUCKING HANDLE! Death to them all!

noisy bastards though

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Have to just be a citizen’s arrest then

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The spirit of Fawlty Towers lives on in Canada

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