Sean! Can I be a mod?


I won’t fuck about, honest.


if anyone should be one, it’s me, so i can utilise the tagging system.


there can only be 5, jezzers


I’d vote for you peen.


i just want tagging responsibilities

anything else is too much


The current list of moderators according to the old website:

Parsefone (RIP)
icouldwinarabbit (RIP)
Verbal (RIP)

You’ve got space for one! Get me in!


@Parsefone is alive and kicking


look, they’ve got little tags next to their names! what a gross display of power.


Reckon I might ban this foo.


that’s the old website

new website:




:kissing_heart: I had to choose to cull someone, soz Parsey. You’re my favourite of all the mods.


I’ll forgive you this time, Jez. Just remember this mod is thin-skinned and petulant as heck.


fidel…is that you?