@sean can we have posting editing back please m8



Can't seem to edit my posts after submitting

Monday evening thread

Seems like they cant turn off thread title editing without turning post editing off.


I could still edit the thread title but not the post :confused:






Same here


I can still edit thread titles (that arnae mine), but can no longer edit my own posts.


consider my earlier post to say

"EDIT: oh littlebird already said these exact words"


Hang on I think I can do it.



i thought that too, but only one post can be edited that way per day

AND i believe it can also be edited by anyone else ?


Oh, have a go! (Be nice)


i already used up my daily edit on this thread title :frowning2:


Fucks sake


Really fucking stupid idea to disable post editing.


You get a 2 minute window to edit your own posts.


not anymore sean!!


You did get a 2 minute window to edit your posts.


Nobody should be able to edit anything. EVER.

Also, we should be limited to using the top row of the keyboard from NOW

weeeeeeeeee op u r poo poty yep


why did you change this? it was obviously better


Come on, Sean. I didn't give £5 of my own money for every single function of the site to not run exactly how i want it to.