@sean can we have posting editing back please m8

Now, more than ever, we must realise the importance of the edit.



@sean has been saving this up for a xmas miracle for us all :santa:


Just 10 more sleeps!::christmas_tree: :gift: :tada: :snowman:


You should be able to edit after submitting


Still not working, sorry Sean. It’s really not the end of the world but it was a nice feature. Cheers for trying!

It’s hard for me to test from my admin account.

it’s hard for me to remember what being broke was like from my solid gold chair


just do whatever you did to turn it on the first time around man

whatever you’ve done now means mods now don’t have the ability to edit posts (this was a good function which I have used when folk have asked to have bits of posts removed containing sensitive info).


Has anyone just asked Discourse about this?

Not to be one to complain, but whats the chances of us getting rid of title editing, it’s so irritating in the rugoe/u ogre/arse farts/star trek thread


I’m new here, but has this issue been fixed? As far as I can tell, after making a post I have the ability to edit it - but that ability disappears after a minute or so. Unless I am missing something basic.

I have never been on a forum where so little time is given to edit a post. Frequently on reading it back one sees how something could have been better expressed - often things are noticeable in the final version that are easy to miss in the input box. I don’t see why there should be a time limit at all for editing, but if we must have one, I think you should allow at least half an hour.

Yeah, you get a minute and that’s it.

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It’s been fixed in the sense that an agreement was reached regarding it with the community. Current settings:


So you have 2 minutes after posting to edit your post. All editing will generate a version history and everyone can see the previous versions of your post.

A lot of people on the site loved the fact the old boards kept posts with bad spelling etc in and felt editing was a problem.

Doing it this way and keeping the full audit trail was seen as the compromise the community were okay with.


I don’t care one way or the other about an audit trail, but I think a post edit time limit of two minutes is way too short. I don’t intend to keep banging on about it, since the policy looks like it’s not going to change, but I’m just giving my opinion for the record.

That’s fine. I am only explaining.

I don’t personally have a problem with extending the post editing length but I don’t want to annoy the general boards sense.

I like the public audit trail as it helps to make sure everyone knows they can’t post something, correct it and then claim they never said it, which is just the sort of childish behaviour that irritates people. It’s all in the open. People will do that sort of thing, I’m afraid, and it serves only to make online communities less fun, in my experience.

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