@sean can we have posting editing back please m8


oh i can’t edit this post

i will have to make a new one instead of editing it

can’t believe he’s still not fixed this.

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Fixed? It’s not my fault people mess around so you can’t have nice things.

I’ve looked at the 3000 or so different customisation options and I can’t figure out the right combination of settings, and rather than get loads of complaints that peoples threads have been edited, this seems like the best solution.

Wasn’t a problem that no-one could edit on the old DiS, was it?


That was one of the main problems! The original setting was nice. You got a couple of minutes to change it if you pressed send too early or made some typos. Seemed good to me.

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this the whole point though sean! you can STILL EDIT THREAD TITLES. you didn’t turn that option off! you only turned off the Edit Post function which everyone liked, and the thing you were trying to turn off IS STILL TURNED ON.


Oh. Ok. I wasn’t aware. I’ll look into it in a bit (just working at one of my consultancy jobs so don’t have 2 hours to fuck around with DiS settings just now)

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Thanks Sean! :grin::heart:

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@sean: if you don’t have time, give me admin (or whatever it is) status for an hour and I’ll see if I can figure it out?


not like it wasn’t mentioned in basically every post in this thread :wink:

same here.

lets all be nicer guys

We’re just all castrated!

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Right, @sean unfortunately you can’t actually change the ability for Regular users to edit post titles or categories.

This thread explains in detail how users become Regulars and what they can do (and also how they would become Leaders).

It’s fairly detailed and technical.

So Sean, you may as well bring back the few minutes of grace to edit posts after posting.

Just making an edit to see if we’re still locked to 1 in every 24 hours

Second edit.

It read like people wanting to be able to edit again, not that people could edit subject lines.

It’s on for a short grace period, yes


thanks bbz xx

i think the novelty of editing thread titles has worn off for most people anyway, it’s an incredibly weird feature but can’t see it remaining a problem.