Sean has a guest verse on the new Kendrick Lamar album


Pls post rubbish april fools stories here.






i cant find the bbc one


autoplay twitter link

this one seems to have backfired somewhat, as everyone thinks it’s a good idea



Quite liked this one, actually:


Also, I thought this was going to be a Jordan numbers thread.


one of my pals pretended to put his baby doggy up for adoption

I knew it wasn’t real straight away cause I’ve met the dog haha :heart_eyes:


Saw something about t-rex’s being tender lovers but i guess that was real…


I like that, at the time of me writing this, 39 people have clicked on that link hoping hoping hoping it was a real article (I admit I was one of them).


Not on April Fools Day




HOT TAKE: I fucking hate this deeply tedious day.


fu m8

i’d borrow a piggy dot com


come on! check out this tremendous banter




Think the worst thing about April Fools is making it through the first wave of crapness, then having to endure the Americans’ weak efforts when they wake up later on.