Sean Hughes


Sadly passed away.

Seemed like a good egg.


What?! Srsly?


Confirmed by a couple of friends and peers online.



Remember Sean’s show?


His 6 Music radio show? Absolutely brilliant.


Blimey. Heart attack apparently. He had liver cirrhosis too apparently but I’d thought he’d packed in drinking ages ago. Sad stuff - I liked him a lot.


No way :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


aw man :frowning:


Really sad. I saw him a few times in the mid-nineties and he was brilliant.

His last tweet just said ‘In hospital’. :frowning_face:


Only ever really knew him as the Buzzcocks guy but I loved that with a passion.


this is fucked up

when I saw this thread I thought it was a comeback tour or something

ah crap

: * (


Ah shit, that’s really sad and unexpected


Seems to have had a bit of a standup renaissance in the last few years


Loved Sean’s Show and his old radio show on GLR (now London Live)


This is really sad. Loved his show and was lucky enough to see him do stand up maybe about 20years ago, one of those painful gigs because I laughed so much.
51 is no age :frowning:


RIP Sean. I actually met him a few times in the mid/late nineties as he used to drink in the same pub before Palace games and my Uncle sort of knew him. I just remember being really starstruck but he seemed a really friendly and normal guy.



A strange amount of comedians support Palace, i’ve noticed. Hughes, Kevin Day, Mark Steel, Eddie Izzard, Ronnie Corbett…

Must be something about the nature of the club that attracts a certain type of masochistic supporter, idk.


Jo Brand and Neil Morrissey too. You need a sense of humour to support Palace.


I met him a number of times over the years, first at gigs where I was DJing. He’d often come up and ask what record I was playing. So he’d then say hello if he saw me somewhere else. At one gig where the DJ ironically played Wuthering Heights he overheard my female friend tell me she loved Kate Bush so he dragged her onto the dance floor and made her dance to it. Though generally he behaved at gigs as though he didn’t particularly want to be noticed.


One of the first stand ups I ever saw, in the days when what would be the immediately post-Comic Strip comedians were still playing above pubs. He was always a nice, friendly guy who would talk to anyone about anything.

A lovely bloke.