Sean's gonna build a wall



it’s gonna be great. a great wall.

slightly difficult to read the site though




Sorry, can’t read anything - there’s a wall in the way :smiley:


oh it goes away after a bit. nevermind.


He’s going to make The Quietus pay for it


I can barely see any wall at all #crapwall


yuge advert. Sad!


I clicked on it - nothing wrong with earning a bit of cash…and I guess it goes away once the cash is in :smiley:


aye, no gripes at all. was slightly annoyed when I thought it wasn’t going away, but it has so nbd


I was wondering what everyone was complaining about and then I turned off adblock… oh wow.


I’m gonna have to turn adblock back on for DiS, I’ve tried clicking the ad and it goes away for a bit and then comes back. Don’t mind having ads if they help pay for the site but these full screen ads make it impossible to read (even more so than usual!!!11!!)


I just refresh the page a couple of times then it goes away until tomorrow


It comes on more than once a day for me so I’ll just unblock the site in a few days or so


Better make that wall a biggun if you wanna stop everyone from just flying off to Barcelona instead


I built a wall of sound.
Then I shot you all.
Phil Spector fka ESA


the wall seems better today. you can read the things inside it. seems more animated too? like I’m under attack.


Wall is peak wall today…


sean says the wall is running like a well-tuned machine and that there is a lot of dishonesty in this thread