Search Function

In the last week or so I’ve noticed that the search function isn’t pulling up the results it should. Is it just me or has anyone else experienced the same?

I have noticed this too, I just use on Google instead

Is it because it’s truncating the term before searching? I’ve seen this happen a few times but then the next search is fine so it’s hard to pin down. But it regularly chops off a few characters so the first search it does isn’t remotely specific and then I suddenly see I’m searching for, I dunno, ‘Radio’ instead of ‘Radiohead’ although I’ve never seen it chop that much.

It’s in desktop too, so it’s not autocorrect.

Anyone still seeing this? Search logs make it pretty clear that it’s occasionally cutting off the last two characters, so cycling becomes cycli for example. Vast majority of searches seem fine, but it’s happening enough to be noticeable.

Ah, forgot the logs. Hasn’t happened recently for me

Was this ever fixed? Was just searching site for the artist Yelle, and got tons of results featuring the word “yellow”.

yeah, the search logs look fine now.

I think what you’re seeing is a function of what’s called “fuzzy search”. Essentially the search function doesn’t just look for exact matches, but also similar words in case of typos etc.


any way to override that? Bit annoying if I want to search for an artist whose name looks a bit like a typo of a common word, which is probably quite a lot of acts!

Quotation marks can be used for exact searches.

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