Search Party (TV show)

Anyone watching/watched this?
Watched episodes 1 - 5 last night & this morning because a friend was visiting and I’m a boring host.
Often very funny and in the main quite difficult to watch because a few of the characters are so unpleasant and everyone’s basically having such a terrible time.

Stars Alia Shawkwat of Maeybe from Arrested Development fame too who I it turns out have a massive crush on :heart_eyes:

How odd. Just watched the first two episodes. Not really liking it but have decided to watch the rest because Alia Shawkat is pretty cool, I have nothing else to do and it’s meant to be good.

I wasn’t 100% convinced until maybe the end of episode 3. I think what changed my mind was realising I don’t need to find the central story arc particularly engaging - it’s just fun to watch these people.
I am beginning to really like Drew but remembering the masturbation/‘sex’ scene between him and whatever’s Alia’s called makes that very difficult.

Up to the end of episode 4 now and have to stop as my brother’s turned up. Much better. Really liking it now.

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Saw the first two episodes the other night and outside of Alia Shawkat, I wasn’t overly impressed. It kind of seemed like Girls / Atlanta but with more of plotline.

I echo your sentiment about having a bit of crush on Alia Shawkat too :heart_eyes:

I recommend sticking with it a little longer - if you still don’t like it by the end of episode 3 you have my permission to stop watching it.

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Haha! I imagine I’ll watch all of it regardless. I rarely give up on shows once I start watching them.

I’ll let you know how I find episode three!

Drew was also in Stranger (than) things!


was he?! I need to start actually watching things

Really want to watch this, cause I heard Alia Shawkat talking about it on Harmontown. I saw the episodes are available online, but I’m sure if it’s unavailable outside the UK or if the website hosting it was just being a bastard

He was a fairly minor part but I had to IMDB him after watching those first two episodes of Search Party - I knew I recognised him from somewhere.

Stranger things wasn’t perfect and it wore it’s influences on it’s sleeve but it was very charming and a lot of fun to watch. Check it out!

That’s what I mean - I’ve seen Stranger Things but if you asked me to tell you who was in it or what happened or really anything about it at all I wouldn’t be able to. Same will be true of Search Party in roughly a week.

Finished this yesterday and very much looking forward to hearing what you nerds all reckon about the end

Yeah I just re-read your comment and I totally misunderstood.

I’m better with faces than names! I feel like he was only in about two scenes in Stranger Things anyway…

Maybe you suffer from a bit of face blindness like Marky Mark?

Okay, episode four = sold!

Yes! Now just finish it and tell me what you think

Watched episode five too - Ron Livingston :smiley:

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Finished this the other night.

[spoiler]Overall I enjoyed the main story arc with the search for Chantal and Dory’s journey towards self discovery. The finale had a bit of gut punch ‘careful what you wish for’ message which although not entirely surprising, was a bit of downer considering how far Dory had come. Even if her search had selfish motives and I was a bit gutted for her that her quest led her to be complicit to murder.

I’m glad that I could binge this show as some of the subplots were a bit forgettable and Portia & Elliot bits always kind of felt like filler. I really liked the guest appearances especially Tunde Adebimpe’s despicable cult leader and Parker Posey’s turn was quite fun too.

Do we know if there is going to be a second series? I’d probably watch it. The thought of Dory, Drew and Elliot covering up a murder has fun potential. [/spoiler]

What did you think about the series @anon96483921?

[spoiler]I am wholheartedly in agreement with the AV Club reviewer of the series who was adamant there shouldn’t be a second one - I think this as a standalone story is weird and sad and funny in a way that other miniseries haven’t been. Leaving all that hanging as just a sort of overtly pointless and eventually quite horrible mess is ballsy and chimes with Dory’s whole ‘millennial quest for a meaning that isn’t there’.

Overall I think Search Party was ‘good’ - it was really fun to watch and lent itself well to being watched in two short bursts of and hour and a halfish each. I don’t think it was a classic by any stretch of the imagination but having said that I haven’t enjoyed the simple act of watching something with no idea where it would go in a long time.[/spoiler]