Searching for Sugar Man

The pollen count’s pretty high tonight, eh lads?

Sounds like Van Morrison doesn’t he really

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it’s usually beside the flour and other baking stuff


remembered one of the songs being good but just listened to it there and it’s not


proper rubbish

Got some South African friends and they told me about this last year. They just couldn’t believe that none of us Brits had heard about him or the story. They bigged the album up massively and eventually played it to a crowd of completely bemused faces.

It’s a great story though.

So it’s like a bunch of British people encountering a South American film that detailed a search for Donovan? Or something.

Just read his wiki page and the story there is a little different to the one they told.

Can’t believe how much of a group of cynical, negative bores DiS can be at times.

It’s a great story. See more parallels with Nick Drake than any of those mentioned above. The music speaks for itself as well. For me it’s on a par with Jackson C Frank, or Van Morrison or Donovan. Didn’t really see or get the Dylan comparisons.

It’s not really about the songs, though. The most fascinating parts of the film were the interviews with his daughters.


Doubt I’ll ever listen to his music ever again but the film and story are good

Ata Kak’s story’s much better.

cf. every documentary ever made.

Great story, boring music.

oh come on there’s at least 3 good songs, I wonder, the really sad one, and the one that’s a bit more up tempo

Really liked the movie which painted him as a good humble man so I googled him for more info. It turns out he was big in a couple of other countries and had toured (if memory serves correct stadium tours? Markee?) there too so it wasn’t a complete surprise. This new information cast a dark shadow on the movie and made me think it was just bullshit!

Not my thing innit.

Its undeniably a great film. Don’t know why they felt the need to big him up so much as a musician tho - getting all those people to say he was the ‘best they’ve ever worked with’. He was ok and deserved a moderate level of success.

Learning after that they had somewhat exaggerated how much of a surprise it was for him tarnished it slightly but fuck it, I still wouldn’t say it was anything other than a very good film

Very engaging, enjoyable film. Music not especially compelling for me. Not surprised the story is a bit built up.

Is that everything?