Seasick Steve turning out to be lying



Good article

Haven't had a stats thread in a while eh?

no idea about the session stuff but his work with Modest Mouse in the 90s was never exactly a secret


I’m amazed anyone believed the Seasick Steve history - wasn’t it obvious he was just a character?

Doesn’t make the music any better or worse.


I’d actually never really heard much of the backstory. Didn’t really like what he was doing so wasn’t too bothered.

BUT, I do think there’s something to be said for the final paragraphs here which make a distinction about the ‘character’ he played due to him claiming authenticity of the situation too.


I’m not really sure how much this tells us to be honest. I thought it was pretty well known that there were pretty big holes in Seasick Steves’s back story.

What we do know is that the journalist apparently has little recognition of what it means to be a gigging musician, or for that matter a session musician. This is normal stuff for most working musicians around the world and how they make a living day to day. If you want to be a full time musician you better get used to doing a lot of other crap besides making the music you love, at least until you hit that jackpot. And believe me, you can still hit the jackpot and still end up in a mundane job pretty quickly.