Seasick Steve


Bullshitter Steve more like!

Seasick Steve turning out to be lying

Isn’t this what Jordan predicted about Bon Iver?


Throw him overboard


Travelsick Terry


Reckon’d this would be an RIP thread tbqh
Edit: Course it doesn’t matter though.


This is funny:


It’s not exactly a secret that he produced the first Modest Mouse album is it? That was mentioned when he got big.


We’ll find out he’s not black next


haha nice one.

guardian music coverage is always so shit
"great records from Good Vibrations to Unfinished Sympathy couldn’t have existed without session musicians"


Seasick Smeeve.


Smeesick Smeeve*


People bemoan a lack of mystery and characters in music nowadays and then act like it’s a big expose and pull apart the myth when someone does. Next they’ll be saying Ziggy stardust wasn’t his real name and he’s not even from Mars!


Smeesmee Smee*


Homesick Harold


Lovesick Larry


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Bit surprised that there seems to be surprise at this. As NickDS says, it was well known that he’d worked with Modest Mouse and I thought most people took his story in the spirit it was intended.

I’m not going to beat up on the guy for it - he’s used his fame to help out a lot of refuges and shelters, and seemed genuine with his willingness to spend time with them.


Not on here, it isn’t




I’m sure his gimmick is #problematic in the way it’s spoken of homelessness if he hasnt been in the situation he professes to have been in.