Seaside breaks

Hello! I am looking to book a Saturday night away as a birthday present for Mrs HYG and our toddler in March. Was thinking of the seaside, but not committed to that. Criteria: shortish train journey from London, must have nice pubs / cafes / ideally some cultural things to do. We’ve done Margate and Brighton so probably not them. Where else is good?

We’re on an island mate. Just pick a direction and get walking, they’re all good. Have a nice time.

It is one of my long-held ambitions to walk out of my front door and all the way to Brighton pier, but I don’t know if the opportunity will ever really arise at this point, and if it does, it will probably be considered a “break down”.




Sell it to me, ynotty. Oysters, right?

Bournemouth (pushing short train ride tbf)

Two of my best friends moved down from London 10 years, they’ve got kids now and love it.

When I visit we sometimes go to the Tankerton Arms which is a great little micropub.

There are some record shops, nice harbour, restaurants, museum, galleries and also near Canterbury.

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This. It’s lovely, great pubs and restaurants. Nice walks and bike rides.

Middle class af but don’t let that put you off.

Rye’s nice. Don’t know how easy it is to get to on the train though.

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We used to go to Camber Sands as a kid and got the train to Rye. Just had a look and it looks a hell of a lot easier nowadays.

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We used to go too, but with two adults and four kids it would have inevitably been cheaper to drive.

Can get a direct train to Rye from Vic

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Just Googled The Tankerton Arms wondering if it was the pub I thought it mightve been and it fucking was

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North Norfolk coast is lovely. Train to Sheringham. Then there are good buses along the coast. Holkham beach is fantastic, a boat trip to see the Swales at Blakeny and proper seaside stuff in Hunstanton and Cromer.

And you can pretend to be Partridge at the end of Alpha Papa on Cromer Poer.

It is, but stretching ‘short train ride from london’ i reckon

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Pretty sure it’s under 2 hours from Liverpool Street. Depends on your definition of short I suppose. Anyway much easier than getting to the Suffolk coast!

The old ships in Portsmouth are good… (victory and Mary Rose, warrior).

Portsmouth is not good, but I remember southsea being very nice?

3 hrs 15 mins

Probably my favourite place in the country tbf. Portsmouth is a hole though

Weird, I have definitely done it faster than that. Maybe they’ve changed the connections or something because no way should it take longer than Euston to Penrith l.