Season ticket krew (please specify if annual or monthly)

How much is your season ticket?

Thank you

£120 (Eastleigh)




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Thank you for respecting the parenthesised element of the thread title

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£1072.80 for me (after 10% deduction)

£1,396.45 (includes 7 cup games)



but, how on earth do you travel from home to work and back every day?

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100% thought that’s what this thread was about at first

i was going to try and total up what i actually have spent on public transport in 2016 but i cba

I’m not on trainbook

Can’t believe you’d turn down such an open invitation to talk about riding your bicycle tbh

i am really struggling not to make a very smug comment

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I live a 15 minute walk from work m8, woke up at 8:30 this morning

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Whatever an annual zones 1 and 2 travelcard was back at the start of January. Maybe the same as @Antpocalypsenow

Having an annual travelcard is just the best.

monthly, zone 1-2. 132 odd pound.

smug walkers to work are the worst though aren’t they

nah, the worst would be a smug walk-to-worker who’s also a smug city-centre-rents-for-cheap-cause-i’m-not-even-in-london wanker