Seasons greetings ... it's here - the John Lewis ad (x-mas ad thread)


So you don’t have to google it

Hate the John Lewis ads, hate the furore around them. Any advert which tugs at the heartstrings when trying to sell stuff - bollock right off.

There was a nescafe ad I saw last night which was supposed to play on people’s emotions in a big way - it was like an Oxfam or Save the Children ad.


Shit for cunts (didn’t watch it)


You wouldn’t know it from watching but it’s directed by Michael Gondry

Shit song, shit advert

really bad song!

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Was going to watch it but 2 minutes!? Absolutely fuck that

It’s actually crap this year. Just a load of old fucking nonsense

Remember that time they abandoned that poor old bastard on the moon


Eww Elbow


Like the one Sainsbo’s did reminding me about the Xmas truce in WW1 between Tommy and the Hun, made me want to buy some Ferrero Rocher.

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an interesting christian allegory, with the monster christ figure sacrificing himself at the end there

certainly makes me want to buy a bunch of shit

Oh wow I thought there was no non-criminal activity that could make me question my love of Guy Garvey…

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Potentially going to spoil one of my favourite Beatles songs this. The best bit on the original is when Paul McCartney’s voice goes all gruff during “Smiles AWAAAAAIT you when you rise” then back to being all sweet again. None of that here.

The advert itself is soppy shite, of course. There is more to come, Boots, Sainsburys and all sorts are doing ones now.

Which pop smash is being covered with twinkly piano and faux-ernest vocals this year?

Break Stuff

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Wait, they’ve used ‘Golden Slumbers’? The shit twats, fucking everything up.

A real tearjerker

Literally never cared less about anything in the world.

The fuck is wrong with people.

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