Seat reservations on trains

When I say “sorry” in a situation like this it is used as a tool of manipulation rather than a true apology. Hearing the word “sorry” with a nervous chuckle makes my opponent think “oh ok, I can see that this is a person who is as uncomfortable with this exchange as I am, as such I’ll do my utmost to make it as brief as possible by vacating the seat”


I have only travelled infrequently on uk trains in the last decade but i’d be very reticent to say that any part of the system works.

The sliding toilet door buttons that are a bit star trek usually work i suppose?

Only when people remember to lock them.

maintaining unblinking eye contact throughout?

Hate the people that say “you should respect your elders” in these situations. Fuck those cunts.


Did like the system in Japan where you have reserved carriages and unreserved carriages on the trains, which meant you at least knew where to head if you didn’t have a seat reservation rather than dicking around. There’s probably a reason why it can’t be replicated here, maybe cos the trains are so much smaller.

Which is worse?

  • Packed train and some prick has brought a bike on it
  • Packed train and some prick has got his suitcase on a seat

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They do that on the train from notts to London. Reserved seating is in a couple specific coaches

That’s quite common here, as well.

Trains should have more bike spaces in my opinion


Didn’t know that, fair. Never seems to be particularly well signposted when I have seen it.

FTFY (my regular train has no specific bike storage, therefore I need to own two bikes like a pedal-powered John Prescott)



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if you’ve got a bike, you don’t need to be on a train. Don’t take my fiesta in coach B do I?


kind of relish this happening to me, but it never does. Think I’d pick up all their stuff - handbags, bags etc and just tip the entire contents on the floor along the full length of the aisle.
Then when they have to pick it up, take my seat


Imagine the stand off (sit off?) if they kept the seat and just watched you do it.

The whole carriage would be brimming with unresolved, no doubt sexual, tension.


My biggest seat reservation on trains is when they are damp

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I was at a busy cinema screening last night with allocated seating and someone next to us had plonked all their shit (coat, cycle helmet , bag) in one of our seats. She moved it when I asked her to but what did she think was going to happen?

Sometimes it is more convenient to get a train when travelling for example from London to Glasgow to go cycling with one’s friends from the Internet