Seat reservations on trains

If the child on the left kept up that stare I’d be surprised if they got off the train alive!

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Found the original tweet thread and as well as pictures of the seat hoggers involved it appears they have form for being obnoxious train travellers.

I like it when you go to countries where every ticket is for a reserved seat because there are enough trains to go round.

The teenagers are the real monsters in this story for making their pregnant mum stand for the whole journey.

lost count the number of times I’ve been outside a deserted stadium and needed somewhere to sit


Oh I like that. Was envisaging some nerd chair for nerds but instead we’ve got this cyborg centaur situation.


you have to pay extra to bring a bike onto spanish trains. I think there’s also a fee for extra luggage too. fucking right on, imo.


I like trains where you have to check in big luggage.

Do it in America

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On the longer trains, unreserved carriages are F and U, which encapsulates their customer service rather neatly.

The system works!

in continental Europe

poor child, leaving the pencil case their dead granny knitted them on the train. Are you going to start a social media campaign to get it back to them ?

It’s obviously crocheted.

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I don’t know if you did it on purpose but the sad mouth eyes thing is really pulling my heartstrings.

(you have to look sideways to see it)

Wagnum has obviously managed to land himself a job on the trains




As someone who despises the awful experience of trying to get on a packed train from London to manc ,for example, my anxiety was always some what reduced knowing I had a specific seat just for me so I can relax and calm down. When some one is sat in it and refusing to move AND EYE ROLLING AFTER ASKING THEM TO OH SORRY CAN YOU MOVE PLEASE “well I thought you could go anywhere” NO YOU DIDNT IT SAYS RESERVED ABOVE YOUR HEAD DON’T DO THIS TO ME FUCKING HELL WHAT IS WRONG WITH ANYONE FOLLOWING THE VISUAL CUES AND SNEERING AFTER I FUCKING HAVE TO PROVE IT BY SHOWING YOU MY TICKET that you had the cheek to ask for…

you people make me want to cry


I feel like there’s a lot of potential for this to cross over both with the Lonzo balloon, and dots’ room plan whale. I look forward to seeing this new character join the rogues gallery of DiS memes.


@JaguarPirate Are you the POTW dude? I nominate this fine specimen.

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Nah… I just spent 30 seconds in MS Paint doing what @Richie_Ronco said.