I posted this but it seems to be irretrievable from wherever it landed on the site. Hey ho :frowning:

anyone been? Recommendations? I’ll be working mostly but will have spare evenings.

Feel free to post the one Simpsons reference and obligatory Frasier youtube clips as you please.


yer man @elthamsmateowen was just there


Trying to convince my wife to live there, so I’ll be interested in this too.




aye saw that on facey b! was going to ask him closer to the time



Happy to answer questions, obviously the missus is from there, so I’ve been a few times.

There are some incredible places to go for Pho and Vietnamese food - Than Brothers and Tamarind Tree
Some amazing Sushi places - Momijii and Umi
and some cool places for breakfast (as well as other meals, but), especially enjoyed the Tillikum place cafe (near the space needle)
If you have the time/money/inclination, a night at Teatro Zinzanni is reallllly great. (camp) Fun, incredible acts and great food.

Will think more and let you know.

Also buying weed there is great and prefer it to Amsterdam, despite them going full American in their approach (loads of huge neon signs saying DRUGS! on the shop front etc)