The decompressed seaweed sidled up to the man stopped at the traffic lights. With one swift blow to the head Archibald was dead and his friends and family were dutifully informed about 93 fortnights later.

hi barley sugar

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Thought this was one of @saps mysteries

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Nah I reckon it must be Sheeeeeeite as they share an IP with @fappable. Unfortunately this means I can’t do the IP ban thing off the bat.


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awful deduction theo


Well in the old forums Sheeeeeeite also shared an IP with fappable so… @ericthefourth

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Whats this shit

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Well a known DiS troll who I believe was Sheeeeeeite, but whoever was someone that did live with or hang out with fappable and once after I banned him she messaged me to reinstate him saying he’d be good again. He was for a bit.

Whoever it was had a bitch about the moderating in the reddit thread and then posted another weird thing like this.

Admittedly it may just be they both used the same public router or happen to work in the same building.

And yes, their IPs matched because I always checked who trolls matched.

I’m referring to Nightbus and their posting activity of which this weird nonsense post is part.

My niece told me the ‘why was the sand wet’ joke last time I saw her, I was delighted. Then she punched me in the stomach and told me I smelled of poo.


she totally done you there

I haven’t even spoken to Sheeeeeeit in like FOUR years.


Ah well must just be a public IP access or something. We’ll see if they come back.