Second best vegetable

We don’t need to do the best one because it’s obviously broccoli, but what do we reckon the second best vegetable is?

I think it’s parsnip.

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Broccoli? You utter bore

Hello. I like baby sweetcorn but I don’t know where I’d put it in any kind of vegetable hierarchy.

Tastes good, good for you, good for pooing. Ticks literally all of the boxes. That’s not opinion, it’s just simple maths.


So waffly versatile. Roasties, mash, sauteed, crisps. Other things.

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sweet potato

been going hard on the old curly kale recently eps

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Bang on with broccoli.
Gonna weigh in with sugar snaps as second best.

potato shouldn’t really count imo

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It’s good, undoubtedly, but it’s nowhere near the best (Aubergine, fyi)

in a league of their own mate!

THE BEST LEAGUE. #lovespuds

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Fucking hell.

Potato obviously doesn’t count.

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now there’s an ambiguous hashtag


Obviously they don’t count. Even a world class pedant such as myself wouldn’t consider them a part of any proper vegetable ranking system, technical classifications aside.

ooh aubergine is good

Yeah, you’re all correct tbh aren’t you. BEST TUBER THOUGH.

sea-spiced aubergine :heart_eyes:


Sorry everyone, I’ve had a 'mare. I just really fucking love potatoes.

Talk to you soon (in other threads)

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