Second day of the weekend thread

Morning! I’m going to have a nice breakfast and then head into work to try to catch up before another busy week. If that doesn’t take too long I might do some travel planning too.

Tell me about your breakfasts, your plans and hopes for Sunday.

* really wanted to call this thread Anglos a Saturday but I know it’d be too much for some of you :wink:


Good forward planning gp. Sleep well!

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Anglos laelfs :wave:

I’m in Tel Aviv, gonna have a wee blast around Jaffa before the flight back to London. Had a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich for breakfast :yum:


בוקר טוב Jeremy. Make sure you get yourself an :tangerine:.

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Skipped gym this morning cause my body is TIRED.
I’m off to see my family this afternoon. Means about an hour and a bit of trains (cause our car is still fucked)

Might go to Sainsbury’s in a bit

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They’re big into lemon and mint over here. Gonna sort myself out with a glass of that :+1:

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Morning Anglos Saxons!

Today is my Sunday.

Toast and biscuit spread for breakfast. Driving (being driven?) to Edinburgh for lunch with in laws.

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Sunday league footers shortly. Having some peanut butter and jam on (separate slices of) toast as prep

Good luck ap, I’m sure you’ll win :+1:

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: My sources say no



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Alright, kik

I also had this today for breakfast.

Smooth peanut butter
Raspberry jam

Still feel like toilet. No plans today.

CRUNCHY & seedy rasp for me

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Seedy rasp all the way.


Morning all. Have been woken up by the other person in this bed who appears to be sleeping diagonally across the bed and is also snoring. Might get up and have a cup of tea.

Should be heading to a jazz gig at four and then I’ve to do some admin, followed by a pint or two while I keep the aforementioned diagonal sleeper company at her work.

About to head off to deepest darkest Hackney to chuck some dice at other nerds all day. I’m bringing the hilariously out of place Weegie from The Force Awakens and his mad squad:

Hoping to chib some cunts.