Second day of the weekend thread

Seedy rasp too! Tiptree to be precise.

I used to be a crunchy peanut butter person but now I am a smooth. How strange to change that about myself at 29.

Didn’t wear my coat yesterday :+1:
also went to roller derby and anna von hausswolff and gonna watch florida project today
OK weekend

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Going for a Potter around Oxford today for a few hours. Just, because.

No breakfast as yet, gonna look for some bacon on the way. Leisurely drive there, leisurely drive back.

I am in our communal laundry room doing laundry

Literally waiting for pants to dry. Anybody want a tour of the laundry room?

Think the Covered Market might be closed on Sunday, but if it isn’t: Ben’s Cookies. Don’t eric it up.

I’ve just looked, they open now 10-4. Go for the chocolate chip he-2!


Will have a look. If it is, fear not. I have learned wisely from Eric’s cautionary tale.

What else are you going to do? Oxford sure is DiS city of the week isn’t it?

Now I feel.old. :heart_eyes:

Wearing my excellent dress and my gold boots, put on some eyeliner in another too wobbly way, got chocolates and gin for Mother’s Day plus some very amusing cards with drawn pictures of me on.

Going to my Mum’s for lunch then it’s planning, finishing job applications and maybe a bit of telly…


Haven’t really decided tbh. Just fancied a mooch somewhere and Oxford hit the jackpot after all the chat here this week.

Did a literary walking tour a number of years ago, which was fascinating, might look up something along those lines quickly before I jump in the car.

Mother day reminder btw. I spoke to my mum for a while on Thursday and then again briefly yesterday when she called me to thank me for the flowers I sent. Do I need to call again today?

  • Yes, it’s mothers day
  • No, that’s overkill

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gotta say I feel really sad today. Nevermind

It’s not a launderette as such, it’s a communal facility shared between the flats in our block and paid for by part of our monthly service charge.

There are 8 normal machines that you can book in pairs plus 2 industrial machines that you can book individually

Then there are 4 tumble dryers plus 4 hot air drying cupboards that correspond to the paired machines

Plus an industrial tumble dryer & hot air cupboard

And a drying/sorting area

Then just outside the laundry room is a little lounge/library/coffee corner

And just next to that we even have a hobby room/workshop with woodworking tools on one side & a running machine & exercise bike on the other

There’s even free WiFi

Socialism eh?

Don’t understand why anyone in our building would want a washing machine/tumble dryer at home but lots do. Idiots


Drunkenly bought a box of posh chocolates on discount yesterday so gonna smash that today too


Morning all. Should be heading off on a bike ride but I’ve fallen into a black hole of “getting music onto my phone” bullshit.

Came across loads of migrating frogs last night given each other piggy backs . GBOLs

Might go see the new Lynne Ramsay later maybe


My hometown is really close to tiptree. Used to go to the factory with my nan on non-pupil days and eat loads of different jams with scones

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That is surprisingly interesting and cool. Definitely wouldn’t bother having my own washing machine in that scenario, why take up the space in your flat when you are paying for the more than adequate facility anyway?

Morning all

Nothing yet. Will probably have lunch instead

Working today, no plans. will probably try to keep as busy as possible. We got rinsed yesterday from mother’s Day trade, so expecting it to be busy again.

Hope today is manageable

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Will stay away from M&S today in solidarity

Off to me mams

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