Second Hand Selling and Buying

Wife and I have bought and sold shit second on Facebook and Gumtree. This thread is for chat.

We bought a rowing machine from a random village in the lake district for £100 and sold it a year later for £125.

We bought an old spin bike for £100 and five years later sold it for £100.

Always good shit.


Rather give stuff away these days than deal with the parade of absolute fucking chancers you get on Gumtree.


Do you use a place to do that?



charity shops mostly. Got someone from a local homeless charity coming to take away my bed at some point in the next few weeks

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Been absolutely rinsing FreeCycle since I moved last month - got decent toaster, microwave, hoover and bluetooth speaker for nowt. Now debating whether I need a projector screen (I don’t).


I had an ex who really liked doing eBay and would do selling for me

That was good - I do not like selling stuff on eBay

What are the pros/cons of Facebook/Gumtree vs eBay?

Have sold a reasonable amount of stuff on eBay over the years.

The kids are all into dpop like craaazy it seems (well my kids anyway)

Furnished my entire apartment with really nice stuff for about £400. I think the retail of the stuff we bought was about ten times that.

Really good 2nd hand market in Stockholm because people move around so much.

Think the increasing ease of it with apps like Depop is really good in shifting culture towards reuse rather than buying things from new unnecessarily

Most of Jimbo’s clothes and toys were second hand up until when he started school, mainly because at that age he’ll grow out of things before they wear out (and once they’re at school they’ll need to wear a particular uniform rather than any old thing we got second hand, and that uniform is going to get a real battering).

My best birthday present last year was a tee shirt that Doctor Martens made when they put out the New Order DMs, which I didn’t know anything about until I saw someone wearing one when they were long sold out. I couldn’t find one anywhere online, but somehow she found one on Depop.

More like a shop than a jumble sale, ie people will pay your prince and won’t try to haggle

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i’ve used Depop quite a lot to resell clothes, it’s always good fun when you list something for £100 and get loads of msgs from folk asking “would you accept £17 for this?

bought a second hand car after finding an advert on Gumtree

guy who sold it lived in a really nice farmhouse and the room we went into to do the transaction had loads of gangster movie posters on the walls

about 3 months later the old bill turned up at my house because the license plate had been cloned and used on a vehicle in a robbery

wasn’t possible to connect the dots completely, but maximum suspicion

I use eBay and Depop a lot and both have been amazing for generating cash quickly when I’ve been really skint

Completed videogame (physical)

  • CEX
  • Gumtree
  • eBay
  • Other
  • Put it on a shelf forever

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I’ve only ever traded in games I’ve bailed on

Interesting! If I’m finished with a single player game where I know I won’t do the campaign again that still has some cash value then I’ll whack it on ebay

My poor thread :cry:

I don’t actually buy that many games I guess - last games I “completed” were BOTW and Mario odyssey, and there’s still loads on them to discover.

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