Secret Agent Thread

You guys might want to see my phone. To the untrained eye, it looks like a standard modern smartphone, but look! At the rear you can see a small glass dot - and that, friends, is a CAMERA.


I’m a junior analyst who has reported strange goings on to my immediate manager. He now wants to meet me in a basement stairwell.

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Hanging out in a canal in scuba gear


Multiple DiS accounts

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You need to be very careful, and take note of these instructions. Immediately exit the building and get to your nearest underground rail station. Stay off the main streets wherever possible. Once in there, go the a northbound platform (or if there isn’t one, eastbound) and find the second bench from the entrance. Find what is strapped to the underside of that bench.

If anyone in your work questions you leaving, tell them you have an emergency flooding situation at home to attend to. Go now, time is a critical factor here.


clicking the bomb pen i took off my captives loads to worry them coz they cant keep count of how many times ive clicked my bomb pen


Anyone seen any good microdots lately?

(posting in invisible ink)

Just going to sprint into the train station, stand in the middle of the foyer and look around manically then talk into my wrist as I walk back.

Just reading the paper, nothing to see here.


The red fox crosses the bridge on summer evenings.


I just had lunch with a contact and it turns out that I ate a polonium sandwich.

still waiting for the fucking eagle to land.

Currently driving a boring ancient car to blend in with the locals, while looking nothing like any of them.

Unfortunately mate, you’re going to have to improve your secret code there. Tell Theresa I said Hi.