Secret Machines


Underrated ! Going through their albums now and remembering how good this tune is -


lethal drummer


First two albums are excellent.

I love Daddy’s In The Doldrums.


Thanks for the reminder - great band and a rather too dusty part of my music collection.

When I think of Secret Machines, I always think of the question, “Did you get your heartache and your head rush confused?”


I always mess up the lines about …or do you think it a curse? And …this is worse.

Awesome song.


I was so blown away by the drummer at a gig in 2004 that I went all fanboy on him when I saw him in the pub afterwards. I compared him to John Bonham, which he was happy about.


Very good band.

First track from the first EP:


makes me so sad to listen to any of the early stuff now, same with SVIIB


Another vote for the awesome drummer. Remember seeing them in Cardiff possibly 2004 ? drumsticks like branches of a tree and a kick drum the size of a ferris wheel. I remember a lot of the crowd being indifferent to them which meant me and my mate got right to the front. So good live.


another band without my favourite album on Spotify!

I loved ‘Now Here is Nowhere’ - need to dig out the CD!