Secret Machines

Underrated ! Going through their albums now and remembering how good this tune is -


lethal drummer


First two albums are excellent.

I love Daddy’s In The Doldrums.

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Thanks for the reminder - great band and a rather too dusty part of my music collection.

When I think of Secret Machines, I always think of the question, “Did you get your heartache and your head rush confused?”


I always mess up the lines about …or do you think it a curse? And …this is worse.

Awesome song.

I was so blown away by the drummer at a gig in 2004 that I went all fanboy on him when I saw him in the pub afterwards. I compared him to John Bonham, which he was happy about.


Very good band.

First track from the first EP:

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makes me so sad to listen to any of the early stuff now, same with SVIIB

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Another vote for the awesome drummer. Remember seeing them in Cardiff possibly 2004 ? drumsticks like branches of a tree and a kick drum the size of a ferris wheel. I remember a lot of the crowd being indifferent to them which meant me and my mate got right to the front. So good live.


another band without my favourite album on Spotify!

I loved ‘Now Here is Nowhere’ - need to dig out the CD!

Excellent! I was at this gig!

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Yeah i loved them. Patchy first album tbh which was great in spurts, 2nd albums brilliant from start to finish.

I’ll echo the comments here about their live prowess. Saw them when they toured ‘10 silver drops’ and they opened with ‘alone, jealous, & stoned’. Ferociously intense gig. Yer man coming in on the drums to that song is one of the most prodigous things I’ve seen/heard at a gig. Whenever i remember it my mind exaggerates it so him and his drumkit as big as a house dwarfing the other band members!

Looked like they were going to be huge at one point. Bowie and Noel Gallagher were name dropping them and they supported radiohead on their world tour. Shame it didn’t really happen for them in the end.

Nice tribute to Benjamin here, by Michael Rother.


Dug the debut album out just before Christmas as I had the tune The Leaves are Gone stuck in my head and have been rinsing it ever since. I love it and far prefer it to Ten Silver Drops which I liked but found it a bit too polished. Sure I saw them support Interpol on the Antics tour but I may be talking shite. Anyway, great band for the short time we had them

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Just remembered that a mate of mine jammed with their drummer in LA a few times. Still flabbergasted that he did that.

Yes, that is when I saw them. Was on the front row and the drum kit was near front of stage. Nearly jumped out my skin when the drums kicked in. Great band.

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Australian Spotify cares not for that album it seems. Loving this live album that’s just been added though.

Seen them on a joint tour with Kings of Leon when they had both just released their second albums… a dream gig for 16 year old me.

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I know! I don’t get why these albums are unavailable by region

Decided to revisit tody and just found out that they covered I Am The Walrus with Bono? What the fuck?! :smiley: