🎅 🎄 Secret Santa VI: *Santa Under Siege* 🎁 🎅

HO HO HO Merry… November

DiS Secret Santa turns six! Can you believe it?! If you have entered before you know how it works and if you haven’t then PLEASE JOIN IN!

it works the same as your office secret santa; everyone who wants to take part gets their name put into a hat. each person draws a name (I’ll do that for you) and you then have to buy a present for that person! you post the gift out to your allocated disser then wait to receive a present from your allocated secret santa. once it gets nearer to christmas, we open them all together and try to guess who our santa was! look how much fun we had last time:

a few things to note before you sign up:
you will have to give out your address: this will only be seen by me and whoever your secret santa is, not posted on the forum.
you don’t have to give out your irl name if you don’t want to, but then your username will be written on the gift. up to you.
IT IS RANDOM: you have no say in what disser you have to buy a present for, and no say in what disser buys a present for you. if you are unhappy about that, do not sign up. I am not swapping names if you get someone you don’t know etc
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: do not sign up if you think you may forget / decide not to play. this will mean some poor disser won’t get their present :crying_cat_face: (also I can’t do anything about this so bear it in mind)
but that won’t happen because we’re all lovely people! yay!
there is no budget cap for gifts, but not more than £5 is suggested

EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED! you don’t have to have a huge post count to join in!

so…how to play?
if you want to join in, just send me a PM with your name and address. there is just under a one-week signup window to give people plenty of time to join in (ie before 24th November) once I have everyone’s name, I’ll send you out a PM with your selected disser & instructions.

DEADLINE FOR SIGNUPS: Wednesday November 24th

that’s it for now!



I want to play but I’ve just realised its the wild west for post to Northern Ireland at the minute. There doesn’t seem to be any rules to how much things can cost. People in foreign lands have played before if I remember right, is there any special rules around opting in to potentially larger postage prices? I’ll look into it when I have some time tomorrow

no special rules for dissers sending stuff abroad… but people generally seem to like sending / receiving stuff from far away places. makes it a bit more exciting.

you’ll know where you have to send your present to, so if it’s someone far away probs best not to get something really heavy :sweat_smile:

give it a go!

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i’m taking part as ever, fuck the postage prices

(i didn’t realise things were expensive to post here at the minute, sorry in advance to whatever santa i get)

I think regular post is more or less ok, just noticed a lot of ebayers/etsy/depop sellers aren’t selling to here any more and I’ve had a ton of stuff cancelled on me when companies have tried to organise shipment.


puts hand up with sly grin



I will be joining but can’t remember my new address at the moment :joy:

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jINgle bells!


mINce pie


Good kINg wenceslas

Think finances are going to rule me OUT this year but already looking forward to seeing everyone’s presents.


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I love you @japes!





One of the highlights of the year. In.

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fuck yeah yes GIF

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Fucking yaaaass

I mean. Rudolph the red-nosed reINdeer

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