See hot Jaffa Cakes are a thing now

Apparently they taste a lot better if you put them in the oven for a minute or so until the chocolate is just starting to melt.

Haven’t tried it myself

Preheat the oven or not?

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Well they’d be cold if you didn’t

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No. End this sick filth.


Surely the jelly insert bit will get really hot and burn your mouth?


I’m suing if these fuckers cross it with cold ice cream and start talking of the patented Dialogue™

Well you only keep it in the oven for a minute or so like with a croissant.

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Not really into melty chocolate, and for that reason, ahm oot

everyone loves a chocolate fountain though surely?

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Cannot believe I have only realised they are called jaffa cakes cause jaffas are oranges


Wait till you hear why they’re called cakes


Went there in 2019 but didn’t see any oranges

Nice place otherwise?

Yeah I was thinking exactly this. And then I thought oh, you’d just wait for it to cool down. But then the chocolate would be solid and cold again so you’d just have a… normal Jaffa cake, but it’s taken five minutes of faffing to get to that point

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Nice gardens

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five sexy minutes

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is everyone else putting shop-bought doughnuts in the oven for a bit before eating? Because if you’re not, you should. Also can save a stale reduced one

My workmate Sam puts them in the microwave for about ten seconds. Swears by it

can we say whether or not we like jaffa cakes in this thread?