See hot Jaffa Cakes are a thing now

I imagine they would sell quite quickly


Absolutely love them, cold, as McVities intended.

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not convinced by this but i won’t write the idea off until i’ve tried it

The cherry ones are proper good.

You can say anything you want in my threads shrewbie baby

Ok cool

I quite like jaffa cakes

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microwave works in a pinch with a very stale little jam rock but always ends up a bit wet/greasy on the outside. And then sometimes burningly hot dough inside. Oven much better

That’s odd, but much more pleasant and appetising than biscuit or jam-flavoured tea.

tell you what is a good way to abuse confectionary - get some Minstrels and a nice hot cup of tea, put a Minstrel on a tea spoon and hold it just under the surface of the tea for a bit, then put the Minstrel in your mouth and bite down. If you’ve timed it right, the shell is still rigid but when it cracks all the melted liquid chocolate flows out and your mouth gets a glimpse of heaven


Aye but we don’t have an oven at work so it’s the best she can do

this is surprisingly nice tbf

Ball shit. Although a jaffa cake based s’more situation might be nice I guess.

Perhaps yeah, seems quite Horlicksy and I don’t mind that.

haven’t tried this one but i want to

Definitely the Paddington effect.


On the first sentence or the second?

Just the general idea of a Jaffa cake s’more

Pimms (or Pims?) were so good

you know, the ones with white choc + milk chocolate lines on top, and raspberry jelly in?

I was unimpressed