See the man with the stage fright

just weeing up there giving it all his might

Ever suffered? I had it for a little while in my early 20s, not before and not after. Now I could piss right in your face.

Quite debilitating really, especially if you are out in a place with busy shitters.

yeah sometimes still do


Well hopefully like mine it will just pass.

thanks for your kind words

Not about ACTUAL stage fright then? This is about pissing?

Dunno, I can use urinals fine. Never found it a problem.

But it took me a few years of playing music to be really cool about going on standing on a stage.

Please stay on topic.

think you still need a little longer tbh

Not an issue.

Although sometimes when I REALLY need to pee and I’ve been holding it in, it then takes a while to start.

I get the same thing

Maybe you two could get together, have a few pints of water, hold it in for a couple of hours and then have a race wearing gopros and you could post the results here?

Corn in the fields, listen to the rice when the wind blows 'cross the water - King Harvest has surely come

Now, that would be even worse than wetting yourself.

Take a load off, fanny

Put your load right on me - scat classic