"See [x] new or updated topics"

I’ve had this message for the past few days, both on laptop and phone (Chrome). But I can’t click on it to see new topics. Is this a known issue?


I’ve done that thing where I have all the posts from all topics in a big list so I see that but it replaces the top post and it does work in that view.

Yeah it works at social board level but not at ‘all boards’ level and it’s not really necessary.

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Yeah I’ve been getting this since yesterday. Doesn’t go away when I click on it and I hate it.

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Same here

Hmm, interesting

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The Search page is looking different (on mobile at least) so maybe an update has just been rolled out.

I’m seeing it now and it is super annoying. My standard procedure for this sort of thing is to gove it a couple of days and see if the bug gets fixed without needing to bother the Discourse staff though, tbh.

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Can’t see anything quite like it on the Discourse boards

This is really really irking me for some reason.

This is why we’ve done it tbf



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Do we need to summon Justin DiRose?

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Do you want to try?

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Hey @justindirose - would you or the other Discourse people be able to look into this issue?

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magically appears

I’m running a deploy - let me know if that changes things in the next few hours. Otherwise we may have a bug!


I think that’s worked. Thank you!

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