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Ignoto is really great and seemed like a logical progression from ARTF I always thought.

I would agree with those who say the production doesn’t quite fit the songs which seems particularly apparent when you compare how much better some of them sound live than on record but still, really great and agree with all the above. It’s perhaps a bit like VOB era biffy in terms of how awkward and ‘out there’ it is.

TCFTS is a really good, fun, rock album with some of their trademark ‘weirdness’ thrown in.

weird decision to open their second album with a wolfmother cover eh


I don’t get it

Oh wait the first release isn’t an album is it nevermind

Do you mean this? Yes, the resemblance is uncanny.

It’s just occurred to me that I only heard them live during the ARTF times. Bearing in mind what you’ve said, I think I haven’t actually heard any of the Ignoto tunes live! I’ll give them a listen and see how they compare.

But then it could also be that Joy Division Unknown Pleasures thing. I.e.: they tried to create something very different in the studio to how they are live.

Think that was definitely the case - they could be quite sludgy and hardcore live from memory. Maybe I was a little hard on Ignoto’s production earlier, I do like the atmospheric sound, I just think some of those songs need about 25% more bite to really work.

On their website they briefly streamed a remixed version of Empty Feat with the guitars (and I think the drums) turned up. I believe that when the album didn’t perform as expected it was a proposed single to hook more rock fans in, but it never ended up getting released. Never heard it since so can’t say it was definitely better, but the song suddenly made a lot more sense to me at the time.

Might be a controversial opinion but Ignoto actually has some of my favourite production on an post-hardcore/alternative rock record.


Love ARTF and Ignoto. Had a wee revisit last year and both still stand up. Bought TCFTS at the time but couldn’t really get into it. I saw them supporting Million Dead (maybe?) around release of ARTF and then their own ‘headline’ gig just before or after Ignoto. Remember speaking to them after the second gig and asking their influences and they all said hip hop which really surprised me and promptly ended the conversation as I had no idea where to go with that… I was also very very drunk

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Their choice of songs to use as singles from Ignoto was perhaps a little odd.

I’d have thought 'Connecting Flight or 2-Stone might’ve been contenders…

I really rate TCFTS actually, such a good, fun rock album with enough in there to distinguish it from the avalanche of other rock albums out there.

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17 is a banger, schteeve was odd though aye

Schteeve is maybe my favourite song by them - I can see why it made sense in a way. It has that really pretty falsetto part and their label was trying to position them in that ‘heavy’ Radiohead space (I think).


Guess this isn’t gonna happen

it’s absolute bullshit that they’ve ‘postponed’ again without a single word about what’s going on - i’ve booked trains twice, even went all the way to newcastle in january, and thankfully didn’t bother booking trains this time around. not impressed.

anyone got tickets for the saturday that would be interested in swapping for friday? i have 2 to swap if possible (or i’ll just buy any saturday tickets going)

bloody love ‘Schteeve’, that was my most-listened track of all-time on for aaaages

I waaaaant to be aaaable
to goooooo thaaaaat waaaay