seeing bands very soon (or not) after discovering them

This happened with a kpop group called Ateez, I got to see them about 2 or 3 months after starting to listen to them and I’m glad I did, they didn’t have many songs out yet but were already well liked enough to justify touring world wide, they’ve done really well since (this was 2 years ago) and I like them even more and was supposed to see them again last year but it was cancelled because of coronavirus. I prefer being able to see a band I love tbh once I know them really well so I can fully enjoy the songs, it has happened that I listened to a band live then got into them more after and was like “i wish I loved this song earlier so I could have appreciated it more when seeing it live”. That excitement of hearing a song live that you listened to for ages and love and are now enjoying it in front of your face with loads of others who love it just as much as you is so so good <3

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I think I went to see Black Midi having barely heard a note (because it was just some YouTube live videos and stuff like that available at the time)

I always like when you hear a band, like em, and then find they’re playing near you (esp seeing as I live in the W Midlands where bands tend to skip over)

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The big one for me is hearing Young Fathers for the first time and thinking they were great, then a couple of days later walking home in the evening when I came across a guy walking up and down a queue outside Gorilla asking if anybody needed a ticket as he had a spare he would sell for cheap. I overheard and asked who the band was, he said it’s Young Fathers and I was like yeah I’ll take that ticket. That show was, and still is one of the best I’ve ever seen.


I used to regularly go and stay with mates in Nottingham. One weekend in 2003 I got up there to be told that we were all going to a gig the following night.

It was Arab Strap on their Hug and Pint tour. I hadn’t heard a note of their music before. Phenomenal. I went out and bought Philophobia the next morning.

Covid permitting, I’m going to see them with the same pal in September.


Probably a fair few, as when I come across a band I like I then follow them on Songkick just in case they had a gig coming up (at least in the old days of gigs).
The last one I remember was a French chap called Malik Djoudi, who was on a Great Escape playlist I was listening to of bands who would be playing later that year. I ended up really loving his song(s) when I heard him on 26th March 2019, and checked Songkick and saw he had a gig the next day, which I excitedly went along to (along with seemingly only 40 or so other people). It was so good. And then got to see him twice more at the Great Escape a couple of months later.

I miss that buzz of discovery followed by live gigs!

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Yes, this is what I miss most about gigs, being together with people who love the band as much as you and that feeling when they play your favourite song. But it’s also brilliant when they play a new song you don’t know and you love it instantly.

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Gave the first Bodega album a listen after seeing a few recommendations on here. Liked it instantly and ended up going to see them at Clwb Ifor Bach that same evening.

We had @elthamsmateowen staying for the weekend and he played Nearer My God by Foxing for us, which we both instantly loved. He mentioned that they were on tour at the moment, so we had a look at the tour dates - this would probably have been a Friday or Saturday night - and saw they were playing the venue opposite our flat on Monday night. So 48 hours, with basically zero effort involved. The dream.

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they’re so much damn fun live