Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

Hi all

Me and my partner are likely moving to Manchester in ~3-6 months (depending on when her work allows her to switch offices) and would like to generally know what kind of areas people would recommend looking in for housing. Aside from work/university visits both of us know very little about the city. (The move is partially proximity-to-family driven, partially time-to-save-some-money driven, etc)

We have a few friends there from different groups and will be asking them too ofc but it’s nice to get a cross-section of opinions and I consider you friends so. The initial plan is to rent for a year and then assess the situation.

So some essential info with that in mind:

  • We don’t have a car at this point in time so would be relying on PT for now
  • TV would be working quite near Piccadilly Gardens so transport shouldn’t be much of an issue as far as I can tell? Would be nice to get her commute down a lot cos it’s been 3h a day down here and she really deserves a break. (I’m happy cycling places and don’t have a job lined up so I’m not putting myself in the equation at all here)
  • Budget friendly is obviously preferable but we’re moving out of London, so I think most places are going to be an improvement. Plus my partner won’t have to pay extortionate amounts for a train season ticket.
  • No kids. No pets yet but cat-friendly would be a bonus
  • Big fans of pub culture, less so bars and that, so if there’s a particular area with a high concentration of good boozers we’d be all ears
  • Preferably a bit quiet but not dead, if you get what I mean
  • Otherwise don’t care too much about local amenities, happy to travel a wee bit

Hopefully that’s a little bit helpful but I’m certain to have missed some stuff so ask away

Thanks in advance, really appreciate it.

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i believe that you’re required to live in chorlton and work in subtitling


Thought about moving to London?


You’re welcome

Whalley Range where several MME live is affordable, 20 min bus to town or 45 min walk, literally full of cats, immediate amenities are alright but close to loads more in Chorlton.

Levenshulme and Prestwich are other great shouts.

All of these are quiet but not dead.


Oh and Old Trafford too but not the part that near the stadium, the bit near to Whalley Range

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I also might move to Manc-land this year so am keeping a beady :eye: on this thread


Levenshulme also has a train station and the train to town from there is something like 2 minutes


So many cool redbrick flat buildings With cinemas in the basement! What a world

I missed the pub culture bit. You dont really get that in any of the above areas, chorlton has tons if bars and that’s a 15 min walk from WR but its more expensive and full of TV wankers. Sorry eric et al.

Think the pub scene is just city centre as the suburbs are so close to it that they dont need their own.


aye it’s not a make or break by any means. just a brucey bonus. thanks for your advice, knew you’d be a gold mine

Worth noting that Levenshume is p bad for crime.

South Manchester’s for dickheads, go Prestwich.


Can vouch for Prestwich! Metrolink, close to the motorway, decent pubs etc. Although prices are rising.

Got to run in a minute but give me a shout if you want any info!

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Not really a dickhead scene in WR. They all stick to Chorlton and Didsbury.

(Didsbury though does have plenty of pubs but probably not at all budget friendly)



Chorlton is great, but Withy is cheaper, and you can get to Chorlton on the tram if you want to hang out there, which you will want to do.

there are lots of nice places to eat in Withy, but the best places to drink are over in C-town. also West Didsbury, although it’s quite posh there.

there’s also FUEL and Wilderness in Withington; the former is a veggie/vegan café and bar with a little gig space upstairs, the latter is a record shop where you can drink or have coffee, tea, cake, etc. regular little events there too.

Levenshulme is increasingly quite nice and also very cheap, also a good shout; some very nice places to drink and see gigs here and there, but further away from Chorlton and not close to any trams.

it’s also an easy commute into town by tram or bus.


Yeah I’ve heard WR is ok but no tram stop (10 min walk to Chorlton tho I suppose)

Anyway I live in fucking Failsworth so my opinions are not valuable btw


I would say:

Don’t live in east Manchester
Don’t live in north Manchester (except Prestwich)
Do live in south Manchester (except Wythenshawe)
Do live near a metrolink stop (trains are generally terrible)
Pubs are best in the City
If you consider Trafford hit me up

Apologies in advance to everyone I’ve offended


not too far from trams, and 85/86 buses are fairly regular into town anyway!