Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

bit more our speed



Good game again tonight.

Turns out that a reasonable proportion of the MME DiS footballers are called Matt.

@acorn money to the same place?


Yeah that was decent. Cheers @Acorn @HobbesWhenHeWasNew @svenrokk


This still the football thread aye


Not for me it isn’t


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If anyone’s job-hunting, we’re hiring

yes indeed


was a good game, that!

always has been

[said by a football astronaut with football gun]

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I’m in mcr this Thursday for :soccer: or :beers: or a combination of the two

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@Acorn ^

I think the football group is oversubscribed for this Thursday but @Acorn can confirm.

Get Grealish on!

should I set up a generic “casual football hookups” thread?

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Reckon so

footy is indeed full, but maybe a combo of me, you and the visiting @anon42112221 could hang for a bit?

before I head off to footy, like?

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Cool. I’ve got an invite for footy in sheff at 8:30 but probably have time for a quick half between work and the train

Football specific thread here…

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i’ve got plans on thurs sorry lads. i’m back up again next month tho and will have more free time in the evenings. can do beers then for def.

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it’s okay, let’s reschedule for next month?

it’s probs a bad idea having a drink before footy, anyway🤠

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Can I come too? (The drink bit)