Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

Try to have dinner around 6.30. Don’t get to sleep til midnight.

Saturday 5th Feb…?

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in response to ^ above poll obv

Also…if any non MME are coming and need to crash anywhere M’s room will be available and it’s the best room in the house :blush:

I’ll be at turnstile in Leeds unfortunately. If it’s cancelled then I might come over after the latics game

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already got Aggers in the spare room but got a sofa bed too if anyone needs. My darling partner might potentially be away so you can fully slob out

Only a maybe still, but depending on what trains back to Leeds look like I may take you up on this!

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I’m gonna be in Norfolk, sorry :frowning:

I mean I’m not, I’m going birdwatching so :+1:

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May seem like an entirely stupid idea come the sober morning, but sorta tempted to try and head over for this :thinking:


Ace. I also have an airbed and a few other makeshift options so can sleep a few more


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Trying to sort out childcare for the evening, so TBC!


How’s your head?

curious and investigating train prices

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Am I the only MME woman btw?! This can’t be so?!

It’s not so! Phew (tilly :blush:)

Working that morning so might be knackered but provisionally in :slight_smile:

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I will likely be in Wakefield as its my birthday three days after that (get it in your diaries) but if not, I’m in


Can’t do this this time as in N Yorkshire, but if you plan another meet up I’d love to come :slightly_smiling_face:

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How in the name of shite is this bollocks allowed

2 random tables

5 points for anyone who can guess where that is obviously


Was fine before the billboard was put up.
Guessing the council have agreed to the street seating and then blocked off the rest of the payment themselves