Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

The year fuck no

It shuts once it sells out/quite early anyway btw (or it does the days i’ve been)

I’ve totally given up trying as always time it wrong or dont have cash so try to order at the hatch from my phone but have to wait for the online orders to clear and actually, the veggie otpion didn’t sound that appealing.

All too complex. I just want a sandwich after my tour :older_woman::older_woman::older_woman:

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yeah i dont even like aubergine but my boss came in with the chicken one and it smelled better than anything ive ever smelled in my life and now i have to know what the veg one is like

Sure it’s nice and i do love aubergine but i sort of tell myself i dont (maybe because its easy to get wrong) let me know though!

Just feel too old and normal to be stood at a hatch

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Don’t think I’d go back. The sandwich was great, but just think it’s a bit of a faddy twatmove getting people to wait outside a hatch in an alleyway that stinks of arse.

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We have a mutual friend judging by the first like there

Ha, nope that is completely random. Completely weird.

Anyone been to this tea room where you pay £25 for a brew and a biscuit just to avoid people taking selfies for an hour?

Manchester really is the fucking pits at the weekend isn’t it. Pain in the arse to get into on public transport, pain the arse to get into by car just utter utter shite.


Why was it so busy in town today? Felt gross

Always liked the look of it, never knew about all those rules. Tbh, well on board with them (no strong perfume, silence etc, a ND dream)! Not tht price though

Went when it first opened long before covid, was great.

Students back?

There were coaches in the NQ at like 11am and just a feeling of something going on

Not a clue Rugby League Final was part of the reason, no football people looking for something to do. Did walked down the busway this morning and it was busy at bus stops at about 10:30 to get into town so maybe something is going on + 1st full weekend students are back?

We were going to get some trainers for the eldest and pick up my Mother In Law from Piccadilly so we drove but we could not find a parking space and we tried everywhere that side of town. Ended up we turned round and I’ve got the youngest on me avin a nap while Mrs goes back and picks up her mother. Takes longer to get in on a weekend than during the week.

Did drive down by the new park now that was rammed.

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Rugby league final day maybe

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Yeah Grand Final then. Sadly your beloved Wigan Warriors were knocked out last weekend in the semis


Yeah, town is fucking coked up tonight.

Caveat: i don’t live in the city centre anymore and have a 2 yr old so maybe I’m out of touch and it was always like this weekends but…jeez

The arrival of the beer bike in the NQ is the tipping point. Not exactly a fan of those to begin with but at least have it in an area not already rammed with bars rather than add to it. Makes me laugh that they mostly just go up oldham street then cycle down great ancoats street and back. How scenic

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Me Mum and Dad went in early today and said it was ridiculously busy at 10am but the train starts at Leeds so that would explain that. When Mrs picked up her mother at 3:30 she said it was oppressively busy at Piccadilly.

Probably since 2016 I’ve really come to start hating the City Centre more and more just makes me sad.