Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

here’s an idea.

‘food halls’ seem to be cropping up all over the city at present. what if we took every food place that describes their food as ‘porn’, every bakery that bakes things in the shape of genitals, every bar that ‘does things differently round here’, every diner that tells you to piss off when you enter. take them all and put them together in their own food hall.

then burn it to the ground.


Just kampus being typical capital and centric. No goss that isnt already out there though…

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Hearing reports that a solution was not able to be found and that tram Taylor Swift has moved out with her owner.

Saw a picture of it a few days ago in a flat on Quay Street, maybe. See if I can find it.

Nope can’t find it.

Saw that, initial thoughts were that it was a clone, but it could be the original’s new home. I suspect Scout may be able to confirm.

One of the worst things I’ve read in a while:

Might just be the worst written article I’ve read on Vice that’s some going, unless that’s the point.


Can ask them if you want. I know the owner

Why not. I’m on the bus nowt else to do on the East Lancs.

It was still there last week when I went past unless they’ve only just moved.

is manchester a 24 hr city? well for some reason i went to a halls party in fallowfield at 1am instead of one of the clubs in the gay village that stay open forever, so it’s hard to say

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The White Hotel isn’t in Manchester

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yeah that’s also true

Learn someat new everyday

According the Manchester Community Eruv website it costs £30,000 to maintain per year. I’ve driven/walked/bused/trammed through that area 1000’s of time never noticed it.

Hang on is that what the wire outside Heaton Park on Sheepfoot Lane is doesn’t look particularly thing gague? Looks power cable chunky

When my grandad was in north Manchester general high dependency there was an old Jewish guy in the next bed and on a Saturday his family walked from fucking miles away to visit.

Kinda looks like it was extended to get the hospital in

“but down in Fallowfield we never go to bed. London? Bristol? No chance”

Only in Manchester do young people stay up all night drinking


"God forbid some big multiple operator comes in. It wouldn’t fit. ”

It’s from the team behind the Lead Station and Tariff & Dale

Confused Mona GIF by Elnaaz Norouzi


He’s such a fucking twat