Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

Oi Polloi’s shutting apparently. Where are people going to buy their overpriced Big Coats now to wear at Escape To Freight Island

Yeah becoming “Hip” or whatever that is. Didnt realise it was owned by JD Sports these days anyway

To be in the room when they came up with “Hip”. Hopefully Note do something and take the piss out of it.

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Blacks Outdoor Retail is already taken…by us.

words fail me. put the cunt down already

might start going there to practice skating

Hip is a great shop from leeds that’s been around for decades

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cheers for the recommendation (and @andyvine ), picked up my shirt and trousers at lunch

having to go back next week cause they’ve done a rubbish job!


Fuck Freight Island

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big happenings at the snake shop.

very funny post imo

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fucking scum

Hip’s been part-owned / run by JD for almost a decade now. It’s about the only ‘indie’ brand owned by JD still left, a bunch of them like Wellgosh, Giulio etc announced they were being sold or closed earlier this month.

What a bunch of cunts.

These guys own/run quite a few local places/things, don’t they? Might add them to my list of places to forget to visit.

Volta (Didsbury)
Bakers Vaults (Stockport)
Hillary Step (Whalley Range)
Electrik (Chorlton)
Electric Chair club nights if they’re still on
Freight Island
The Refuge

Are these all right? Any I’ve missed?

So they are associated with them but they’re not the owners, but dont worry, if youd like any reasons to not support those guys i can give you a few :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Firstly the fact that homobloc is run entirely by cis het men still, that as part of warehouse project their sales to homobloc events go direct to live nation which is owned by saudi where being gay is criminalised, and basically “pinkwashing” for property developers whilst eroding the gay village. Secondly, commissioning a domestic abuser to do some art work for them at refuge of all ironies, despite him being in the news for it less than 3 months before they commissioned him and then ignoring all my messages to have it removed (though I’ve actually spoke to the hotel this week amd I’m meeting them on tuesday).


Not sure what the deal is but find it funny that they’re being closed presumably drug/money laundering accusations? when the police and council completely ignored the pet shops up the road that didnt even try to pretend to be selling animals. I wrote about one and got an artist to do a little illustration of some of their google reviews from the rare times they did actually have pets in the shop :blush:

Love urban jungle though (as pet shops go). My mice from there lived forever


Very, very funny.

Twitter user Mark Garner took the video and posted it, complaining about the skaters on the square, calling them ‘raging bloody lunatics’, ‘d**kheads’ and ‘virgins’. But it quickly saw him ‘ratioed’, an online phenomenon that finds the poster of a controversial opinion receive huge volumes of traffic, but almost universally negative.

Just a perfect paragraph, and an excellent article. 10/10 no notes

(actually some notes - don’t just make it free publicity for Sacha Lord)


Add “Former Manchester Evening News writer and Twitter user…”


The sacha lord bit pissed me off so much. Honestly, where was he the last 12 months I’ve been campaigning for the same skaters and asked him for support representing them from a night time economy point of view. Ignored me every time.


Really rolling my eyes so much here. Love Riv and some of the things mentioned but it’s saying forget about the hacienda whilst promoting Tony Wilson son’s new music programme that was launched via a New Order gig yesterday at SXSW, and other mcr nepo people like Michaela Miller, and then ends on an only in place: “Maybe an old adage needs updating: what Manchester creates today is what the rest of the world listens to tomorrow”

Lol, which is literally updating the adage by replacing “does” with “creates” wow, really casting aside cliches there guys.