Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

That article is an absolute waste of time to the point I don’t understand it hasn’t Oli Wilson been trying to get this idea off the ground since In The City ended? Do enjoy Andy Burnham being Manchester Music Ambassador just find it very funny.

Least some of the artists mentioned are really good Space Afrika :heart_eyes:

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Yeah, some good stuff in there for sure and I hate to be a dick about anything Riv Burns is in as she’s the best <3 but this is just the most typical manchester “DIY” article I’ve come to expect.

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That’s really unfair Now Wave aren’t mentioned :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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“fezzy square”

I hate it

We are only using three of them as bedrooms because there’s only two of us living here so we don’t need lots of bedroom space."

The house is lovely, obviously, but the tonedeafness of these articles makes me seeth. “We just bought a few flats for half a million quid, and LOL, that’s my six grand cooker, what am I like” when half the country are struggling to pay the bills is just fucking nonsense.


if you’re going to be in the newspaper at least put some fucking socks on

I don’t wear socks in the house and wouldn’t for a paper either

All feet should be pixelated out of photos online. Can’t believe we live in a time where any article or tv show might sneak some feet in without a warning


What a stunning tribute to Ian Curtis.

(Shish Lost Control is pretty good tbf)

Is it at least for charity, please tell me it is for charity, it can only be for charity.


Just seen this one

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Doesnt even remotely work

The pulses in the artwork are spaghetti.

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They could do unsown pleasures where the t shirt just falls apart when you put it on


I got taken into Disorder in the NQ recently (I think used to be called walrus?) and all I found think about while there was how much Ian Curtis wound have absolutely detested the place. Deep house, neon lights and cocktails.

And absolutely no wife-beating.

Or voting Tory for that matter.