Seeking advice from Manchester dissers

I’m doing research on the BLm statue review for this new substack thing I’ve started writing and OH BOY I’m getting so much good stuff on the council being shit/telling lies.

(the whole reason for the research)

If I vanish pls report Karney as my assassinator.


Both places seem awful

From The Times according to reddit

say the line bart

the emotional baggage of the hacienda closing





Tram Taylor was the only one there for me at my lowest point! (commuting to Trafford Park) I’m so glad she’s going to be ok

Anyone up for catsitting this thurs to monday?

The cattery are full :sob:

Can anyone remember where the original Piccolino’s was in Town? I have a tiny feeling it was on Tib Lane but I can’t remember and it is doing my head in.

I can probs pop in a few times if that’s of any help. Our usual catsitter is great and does 2 visits for about £20 a day, let me know if you’d like her number

He’s not really got any routine and it’s night time that I want someone here (else I’ll have to leave a window open). I think I’m ok, thurs and fri but will see what I can sort out for the other days. Gah, how audacious for the cattery not to have him on a VIP list

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Good luck :pleading_face:

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More absolute claptrap

They dont say the words “we do things differently” in that order but they do crowbar it into the every paragraph somehow. And incorrectly.

City centre residents = 60,000 NOT 250,000
Mentions rain twice. 11th rainiest city in the UK so bore off. Is there nothing else you can think to say?!
Mentions Hacienda FIVE TIMES despite one of them being about referencing it too much then having a sly dig at MIF using the Factory name. Pot…kettle.
Says that we enable clubs not gentrification- not a spot of research to counter that clearly incorrect statement, not even a mention of night and day.
Says if it were London, Freight Island would be flats by now. Freight Island was created as meanwhile use TO SELL FLATS THAT WILL REPLACE IT.

Very irked about what is ultimately a convulted way of saying we do things differently here. I hate it

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Jfc i didn’t even see the mad for it article preview

(Cheap rents?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: less than london is not the same thing as cheap)

Visit “The New Berlin” has someone genuinely dropped all Reach plc content creators on their heads. Has someone been to Hollinwood and spiked the water? The absolute nadir this one.


You’ve clicked on it and shared it. Her work is done.

The Reach plc motto.

“Stockport…alongside Sale and Manchester” is a sentence which makes absolutely zero sense.

Pretty sure Stockport has been called “s***” more than once

Seeing Panda Bear at Band on the Wall on Wednesday. There’s a 22:26 Transpennine Express from Victoria back to Liverpool, what do you reckon the chances are that it will actually run - they’re slim imo.

Evening trains have been a big pain for me recently.

I live on the other line that goes from Oxford Road to Liverpool if that suits as a backup. It means trecking across town to get to Oxford Road though, unless a train from Vic goes there - which I personally would never trust.

Yeah I just got an open return in the end as it was actually cheaper than the TP Express advance singles haha, so I’ll be sound either way! That 1hr 10min crawl on the Northern train is peak though, hopefully TP come through