Seeking sock recommendations 🧦

I normally buy my socks from supermarkets but have been going through them ridiculously quickly of late. Like a few weeks and the toes and heels are completely gone.

Problem is that I hate thick socks. I can just about tolerate them for longer walks, but generally not an option. I don’t just mean walking or woolen socks, but anything thicker than regular ankle socks.

Does anyone know of any durable ones? Are bamboo socks a comfort thing or are they longer lasting? Is there anything I should be looking for manufacturing-wise?

I know it’s still a supermarket of sorts but I generally swear by M&S for my sockage. Long lasting, a bit more money than your Asda or Morrisons socks but not breaking the bank. However I find once you go past that point you’re into diminishing returns regards quality of sock to price paid ratios. Lots of companies out there demanding astonishing prices for what amounts to a sewn up tube.

Also bamboo is nice but I’m unconvinced it’s any better than cotton for wear and tear.


In my experience bamboo socks aren’t as durable as cotton socks but I only ever buy bamboo these days as they never ever go crusty at the toe despite washing them loads and they stay nice and soft and keep their shape. Sockshop is best, give them a try and see how you get on

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Got some carhartt ones recently that are immediately my new faves. Fairly spenny but want to just get 10 pairs and never wear anything else (sock wise)

£15 a pair :scream:

Wouldn’t mind paying ££ for some luxurious socks but unfortunately those ones look too thick for me. Might be worth looking for some with reinforced toe and heel as it’s mostly the top of the foot and ankle where I don’t want the thickness.

M&S are great for socks. Also been very happy with the Sockshop bamboo socks I picked up in TK Maxx.

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Yeah bamboo are less durable than cotton but feeler thinner imo so you might like them.

Rapanui are ££ but have some fun ones.

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Yeah, they just don’t last. I reckon I got 5 wears out of a pair before the toes went.

uniqlo stan over here


Had mine for 3 years and none have went. I think some are slightly worn on the heel

+1 - recent uniqlo convert and they’ve been great so far.

I think all of mine almost wore away at the toe the very first time I ever wore them!

But they do feel nice.

tbh I’ve reverted to wearing cycling socks as every day socks because why not

I got a pack of these for Christmas and they’re both thin and super comfortable. No durability issues yet but I work from home so probably don’t put my socks through all that much strain unless the puppy gets a hold of them! I also like Happy Socks and Pringle, which are usually both available in TK Maxx.

TKMaxx for socks every time. Most recently got some Jeff Banks ones there and they are excellent. Not too thick, but also not thin as anything. Recommend.

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I get a pair of Corgi socks from my in-laws every Christmas and I love them. They’re pretty pricey at approx £18-20 a pair but you can find tons of ‘brand new with tags on’ on eBay. I recently picked up 4 new pairs for about £35. They really soft cotton and not too thick or high up the ankle.

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