Seemingly Innocuous Posts Where Someone Is Trying To Become A Regular User So They Can Jag (rolling)


:smiley: i am

kind of (more mike skinner than a ‘proper’ rapper)

haven’t linked to my stuff yet tho


Well you’ve given the game away now, so you might as well.

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i don’t have anything that’s ready for the wider world yet, just a couple of demos

i’m 30 in a year and the plan is to release an EP before then… just need to speed my work rate up!

one thing i will link to tho is this - Julie does spoken word and i do the music behind it :slight_smile: there’s about 20 tracks online in total, tho she does the promotion on Facebook so the youtube videos have no views!


Awesome, man :slight_smile: briliant production.

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Holy shit, the rarely seen “two long-dormant sleeper accounts combine” JAG there from lhlht and iamwiggy. Great stuff.


long dormant? i’m here every day man, just not loudly


Yeah, poorly worded on my part. Long dormant in the sense of ‘not JAGging immediately’. I need better words…I obviously know your posts here


I only started posting on here in order to JAG the gigs we were putting on…


So it ain’t so @seoma, say it ain’t so :disappointed:


Now this one was auto-flagged and I was trying to work out if it could be a real reply but couldn’t see anything about CVs in there.

But it seems @Parsefone takes pity on these types. And he could well be right but I do feel that
Favourite Bands: newsong
isn’t inspiring… :smiley:

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Say the words lads and I can henceforth move all his posts to The Classifieds.


“Hey guys, I finally finished recording that song I was telling you about!”
“Oh that’s great news, so pleased for you. What’s it called?”
“Sorry, what?”
“What’s the name of the song?”
“Oh, right, yeah.”

(four months later)

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Moves like JAGger

(You have that song in your head now)


It’s coming…


My secret identity as Mute Xanches has been rumbled


Nah, that’s just a straight up jaggedy jag jag. Moved it to the Classifieds.


This thread involves me having to read the Music Board, right?
Ahm oot